Agricultural products and related industries

In order to promote healthy life style in the society we are focusing our activities to supply best quality products from local and international brands. All the local products have related certificates from regulatory authorities. The products are as following:

1.Flour 2. Sugar 3.  Liquid oil (sunflower, corn, soy) 4.  Rice 5.  Fruits   7.  Saffron 8.  Dry nuts ( Pistachio  , Almond , Nut, Date and dry fruits)


Interior design

CCZ co Ltd has many years experience in execution of interior design:

1.Preparing the ideas.


3.Introduction of best quality materials.

4.Execution using world class experts.

Design and decoration of halls, kitchen, rooms and etc. in both  modern and traditional schools. Environmental design and roof garden.

Booth construction

Design and construction of fair booths from beginning stage until final evacuation.

Keshmiri Shawl


The Keshmiri shawl which is called Keshmir as well is produced from fabric gotten from goat wool. The fabric is very resistant, light and soft which makes a high quality cover. CCZ Ltd co is the exclusive representative of authentic Keshmiri shawl from india and Pakistan. The online shopping is available via Instagram and website.



CCZ has established a transportation co to support national and international (air, land and water) transportation. The competitive presence assures the best price and quality. CCZ will accept any shipment considering the incoterms, insurance and legal processes.


Now a day case of developed societies and high demand of cosmetics stuff, this company convinced to procure internal high demands with high quality and famous brands. In this regards, this company made close connection with relative companies from Europe and Asia.


Import and distribution of metals (plain, steel,etc). variety of metal sheets (black, industrial, galvanized) Metal bars, variety of profiles (z,industrial,steel). Variety of pipes (spiral, galvanized, etc) metal bars from countries like Luxemburg, Japan, China, South Korea, Germany, Russia.





Considering several mines in IRAN the stone industry including extraction and processing is very competitive in IRAN. CCZ Ltd Co. is honored to import and export variety of stones such as: Quartiz, travertan, and mineral stones. Based on market demand CCZ co Ltd imports variety of stones.






Supply of industrial parts

We are one of the suppliers of industrial spare parts in IRAN with effective connections in local and international environments.


 All the related activities in electricity industry such as design and type test, parts supply nuts and bolts, etc, implementation of lines.

 Water and waste water

 Implementation and execution of water and waste water pipelines (industrial and urban), pomps, pipes, tabs. Agricultural project management, under pressure watering systems, pools, Jacuzzi, using best experts.

    Oil and gas:

 Supply of gas and oil industry spare parts , pumps, pipelines, controllable pipes, compressors, regulators and etc.

  Agricultural machines:

 Import of agricultural machines, original spare part of tractors, combines, tillers.

 Solar panels:

 In today's world using pure energy sources is vital in many parts of the world. Because of financial and political issues pure energies are the best source to use in different countries. In this case CCZ co is actively offering its best solutions in the market.



Production lines

We are honored to have the best connections in order to implement and execution of production lines in different fields such as food, packing and agricultural fields.





Petrochemical and related products

Supply of Bitumen and poly ethylene (light and heavy) in different grades: 60/70, 85/100, 40/50, 15/25/90/85 in Jambo bags, poly bags, and drums.










Considering the history of IRAN many people are active in carpet making, pottery and Khatam industry.

CCZ is honored to export these valuable handicrafts to five continents to satisfy the customers.





Domestic and foreign professional and scientific tours and exhibitions.



In line with the company's service contract with all matters of urban areas, electricity and telecommunications, water and sanitation and renewable energy

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